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Ocean Crafts For Adults Guide

Being a website dedicated to the wonderful coastal city of Pensacola, Florida, we love a good beach theme. In fact, there are several other crafting pages on this website that are dedicated to beach crafts, although they are mostly for teens and kids. These crafts, however, are tailored to a more mature crowd. Below you’ll find all the beach DIY’s that your heart could ever desire. Everything from a beachy pendant, barefoot sandals, and shell necklace, to a chandelier, starfish wreath, and other decorations. Take a look, see what strikes your fancy, and start crafting!

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Teen Ocean Crafts Guide

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How To Be A Mermaid Guide

Let’s be honest, becoming a mermaid is no easy task. You need to be coordinated enough to navigate those fins and have some intense core strength. But with the help of this 8-week transformation swimming course, you’ll be cruising the oceans in no time. Maybe you’ll even become one of the infamous Pensacola Mermaids. Who knows? Anything is possible, especially if you believe in the power of the mermaid.

Looking for some extra information on how to become a mermaid? Well, look no further! We’ve compiled some of the best videos right here, just for you. Below, you’ll find tips and tricks such as how to swim with a mermaid tail, how to make a mermaid tail, mermaid tail safety, and, of course, how to put on your mermaid tail! Check out the videos below, and you’re sure to find most of your questions answered. You’re well on your way to becoming a mermaid!

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Let’s Learn About The Ocean

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Ocean Safety Guide

The importance of ocean safety simply cannot be stressed enough. When you live in a beach town, whether you frequent the beach or just occasionally stroll along the coast, knowing and practicing these essential ocean safety guidelines is crucial. So before you take your next trip to the beach, take a look through some of these videos detailing ocean safety. Everything you need to know, like how to escape a riptide, what the different flags mean, and other important safety tips, is right here, all in one place for you.

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How To Get Rid Of Yellow Flies & What To Do When Bitten

Yellow Fly Solutions: Get Rid of Yellow Flies and Find Out What To Do When Bitten

Yellow fly time is here. Yellow flies mate during May and June in Florida and they are a nuisance. Females need to obtain a blood meal before laying eggs. Guess where that tasty meal is located?

So how do we get rid of yellow flies or at least curtail the using of your blood as their meal for the day? Here are some methods that I have used in my yard. These methods have not completely eliminated yellow flies in my yard but it has helped cut down on their numbers.

Method 1: Pennies In Water

This works to keep them from swarming at your doors. Put 8 pennies in a little water in a ziplock bag. Close the bag and put on the outside of your doors. I used Velcro to attach it to the door. The reflection of the pennies in the water keeps some of the yellow flies away from the door.

Method 2: Sticky Black Ball Trap

I bought a Bug Ball and a can of Tangle Trap at Ace Hardware. I attached the ball to a tree branch in the yard with string and covered the ball with Tangle Trap. About 35 bugs were trapped on the first day. More have continued to be trapped every day. This does help.

Two solutions for Yellow Fly Bites

Homemade Solution

These bugs are persistent so if you do get stung, here is a DIY solution to help with the itching and pain. This is great to have in your refrigerator ready for when you get bitten.

Yellow Fly Bite Relief Recipe

(Printable Recipe to Put On Refrigerator)

  • 1 tsp. Baking Soda
  • 1/3 cup ammonia
  • 1/3 tsp. Meat Tenderizer
  • 1 crushed aspirin
  • Mix well and store in the refrigerator.
  • Lasts about 30 days.

Water and the Microwave

Place folded wet paper towels in the Microwave for 30 seconds. Place on bite as hot as you can stand without burning your skin.

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Why Is Florida Sand White?

Tiny Bits of Quartz Make Florida’s Sand White

Many people flock to our town to check out one thing: the beautiful beaches. One of the best reasons for living in Pensacola is the fact that we live right on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. The beautiful waters of the Emerald Coast – our little bit of coast that stretches from Pensacola to Panama City – and the gorgeous white, sandy beaches that surround it. Aside from the beauty of the beaches and Instagram-worthy posts that can come from it – do you know why our beaches have white sand?

The stunning, white, almost glittery sand is the actually made up of tiny bits of quartz. The quartz came from the Appalachian Mountains thousands of years ago. It was from the rocks in the Appalachian Mountains that eroded. Most minerals were ground to dust, but quartz, being resilient, didn’t. So, the deposits that were brought down to the Gulf of Mexico were pretty much pure quartz. And, unlike other areas, the rivers that were providing our sand stopped bringing new deposits for years.

Did you know that the white beaches are actually part of the reason that the water looks emerald green?

While some believe that the water is the color is it because of the concentration of blue-green algae, it actually has a second reason. The blue-green color is caused by the light that shines on the water. How is the sand tied into this? The sunshine is reflecting off the shimmering quartz sand underneath the water. The combination of the blinding white sands and the crystal clarity of the water is what creates the gem-like quality. The water even goes through all the different hues that resemble green gems. Over time, the rivers that drained into the gulf became less and less. Thus, the Emerald Coast kept its hue.

Now you know why our beaches are the way they are. The bright, soft white sands that edge along the gem-like brilliance of the Emerald Coast makes us unique. Let’s keep our beaches beautiful and clean!

Why Is Florida Sand White, Questions And Answers

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Beach Weddings Guide

Beach Weddings DIY

Pensacola, Florida–home of some of the purest, whitest beaches you’ll ever see, and the perfect place to host your dream beach wedding.

Until you see the price tag.

Weddings of any kind are incredibly expensive, there’s no denying that. Which is why many people take a more creative route when it comes to some of the smaller wedding details. It’s quite easy to save money if you decide to do some things yourself, such as centerpieces, wedding favors, and the like.

The DIY community is rampant with creative ideas for wedding DIY’s. In fact, it can be hard to sort through them all. So, here at, we’ve taken the liberty of choosing some beautiful beach wedding DIY’s to get you started, and help you along the path to your perfect, one-of-a-kind beach wedding. Below you’ll find videos on everything from beachy centerpieces, simple wedding favors, and the perfect beach wedding makeup, to starfish wedding invitations, seashell bouquets, and a flawless beach wedding cake.

Beach Wedding Centerpiece that you can make with Dollar Tree items.

Make Beach-Themed Wedding Invitations using watermarks on watercolors.

Gorgeous Beach Wedding Decoration Ideas. Great ideas for DIY wedding decorations.

DIY Beach Wedding Favor Ideas

Learn to make your own favors for your wedding guests or wedding party.

How To Create Beach Wedding Makeup

Learn makeup tips and techniques for your wedding day.

DIY Tall Sea Inspired Wedding Centerpiece

Do you need a tall centerpiece for your wedding? This DIY video will show you how to make a tall DIY centerpiece for your wedding.

Beach Wedding Invitation With Starfish Belly Band

Easy DIY invitation for a beach-themed wedding.

Dollar Tree Seashell Bouquet Tutorial

Beautiful beach inspired seashell bouquet that you can make yourself.

Easy DIY Brooch Bouquet

Old jewelry can make a beautiful brooch bouquet. It can be a beautiful memory when you use old jewelry from loved ones.

Beach Wedding Sandal DIY

Decorated sandals for walking down a sand isle for your beach wedding.

DIY Wedding Cake Stand

Beautiful cake elegant cake stand made with inexpensive materials. This cake stand has elegant bling.

How To Make An Open Clam Cake Topper For A Wedding Cake

Make seashells from molds to make this beautiful wedding cake topper.

Vintage Beach Wood Wedding Cake

This wedding cake is not for the beginning decorators unless you like a little bit of a challenge.

Beach Wedding Cake Toppers

Interesting beach themed cake toppers for your wedding.

Beach Casual Wedding Hairstyles

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Drink Recipes Guide

Learning to make the perfect drink can be time-consuming and frustrating. But these videos make it quick and easy!

Whether you’re looking ot make the perfect margarita, a classic old fashioned, a yummy mojito, or even jello shots with a fun twist, you’ll find the step by step recipes here. With these drinks, you’ll be sure to impress at your next party or get together.

Best Cocktail and Drinks

Do you need to make drinks for a party? Here are six recipes to help you delight and impress your guests. This video will teach you how to make: jello shots, drinks with bitters, a classic old fashioned, strawberry peach sangria, a berry vodka sunrise, and a color changing frozen mojito.

Bonfire on the beach is a drink with coconut rum, cinnamon whiskey, and coke. It’s an unusual drink with a little heat. What do you think?

Learn how to make a cosmopolitan shot with Grand Marnier and orange flavored vodka.

Have you ever ha a margarita that didn’t taste right? Was it too sweet or too sour? Watch this video and learn how to make the perfect margarita.

Sex on the beach – this has to be good. Learn how to mix up a Sex on the Beach cocktail. Yummmmm.

These top five rum recipes will delight you, and your guests! Learn to make the Bahama Mama, Banana Daiquiri, Tropical Relaxer, Tropical Delight, and the Hawaiian Volcano.

Long Beach Iced Tea is a favorite in the South. With vodka, rum, gin, and tequila, how can you go wrong?

Learn how to make these three simple cocktails so you can impress your friends! Sex on the beach cocktail, classic mojito, and a thyme infused cocktail are the drinks that you will learn how to make on this video.

Chef Jenn Shows you how to make the perfect Jello shots for your next get together or party.

Now that you have learned how to make jello shots, you can try this delicious recipe for Strawberry Margarita Jello Shots. These look good for any party.

Like the strawberry jello shots, these orange wedge jello shots look great and taste great for any party.

Learn to make Sex on the Beach jello shots, candy heart jello shots, watermelon jello shots, oreo jello shots, and even margarita jello shots. Enjoy!

Fizzy Jasmine Fruit Punch is made of jasmine tea, strawberries, canned peaches, mint, agave nectar, and soda water. This is a great non-alcoholic drink for any party or gathering!

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Seafood Recipes Guide

Living in a beach town means having prime access to some of the best seafood around. Any day of the week you can go right on down to Joe Patti’s Seafood Market, or whatever your favorite local place may be, and pick up some fresh fish to cook up at home. With so many options, though, comes major indecision.

But, never fear! Gordon Ramsay (and some other people) are always here! Thanks to the internet.

Just below you’ll find some of the best seafood recipes around, along with instructions from some of the best like Gordon Ramsay, Julia Child, and Justin Wilson. Seafood newbie? Don’t worry, we’ve chosen videos that show how to clean, fillet, weigh, and everything else you need to know. Fresh fish connoisseur? We’ve got videos for you too, featuring some more advanced recipes like herb-crusted fish, lobster, and bouillabaisse. Before you know it, the student (you) will surpass the master…chef.

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