Affiliate programs have become a popular method to make money while promoting and selling products and services online. Also known as associate programs, it was first used by as a marketing strategy and it is now an inclusive, beneficial tactic for the business hosting the program and those participating.

So how does an affiliate program work?

By becoming a member of our affiliate program, your company or organization will help us drive other businesses to advertise on this website and to participate in bringing the community closer together to support each other.

For every package or advertising purchase you bring to our site, you will earn a percentage of the sale that you can use towards your own business or even as a fundraiser for your club or charity!

Our motivation for this program offer is to encourage the members of our community to come together in support of our local economy and culture. Where we live, eat, shop, and work matters to us greatly, and we know you feel the same way too.

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Pensacola Florida Affiliate Program

We want as many businesses and entrepreneurs as possible in the Pensacola arena to be a part of this online community. With your help, we will continue to build a strong online resource to support the city we all love to be a part of.