About Tanner Ashley Chau

Tanner is an intuitive storyteller who lives and works in the Northwest Florida community. As a writer, an editor, and a blogger, she approaches every project from a narrative and rhetorical perspective. The daughter of an English teacher, Tanner has grown up dodging the question “Are you going to be a teacher, too?” with as much tact and southern grace as possible. After graduating from the University of West Florida with a bachelor’s in Creative Writing, she has quickly taken on numerous editing projects, contributed copywriting services for lucrative clients, and runs her own blog to host her ideas, passions, and writing portfolio. She enjoys storytelling in every form: film, music, books, etc. As a storyteller herself, she understands the cooperative components needed to bring a narrative to life. Tanner has lived the Northwest Florida area for most of her life and the opportunities that have been available to her are indeed a blessing, but she is eager to return the favor to the community.