John Melvin

John D. Melvin, II

As a first-generation high school graduate, John has been fortunate enough to have been given many excellent opportunities to better himself through higher education. Having earned two bachelor’s degrees in history and philosophy and a master’s degree in history, John is an instructional designer and historian who recently became a published author with his first book, Pouring a Round of Pensacola’s Past.

Personally, John donates time and resources to various local historical organizations, as he has a passion for history. Professionally, he is a full-time instructional designer who develops education and training for adult learners. John has been developing courses for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) since October 2014.

Prior to becoming an instructional designer, he served in various roles, including small business manager, healthcare financial counselor, college history instructor, and researcher/technical writer in the oil industry. In addition to his role as an instructional designer, John is a full-time PhD student at the University of South Alabama in the Instructional Design and Development program, and he is conducting preliminary research for his next book.

John’s Latest Posts

  • Haunted House Pensacola

Haunted Pensacola

October 9th, 2019|Comments Off on Haunted Pensacola

Pensacola...the richness of its history is unbounded, and, thus, the topics on which one could write are seemingly endless. In the spirit of the time of the year, I turn my attention to the holiday [...]

  • who owns the beach
  • who owns the beach

Controversy Looms

February 27th, 2019|Comments Off on Controversy Looms

  As Pensacolians, we have a lot to be proud of. We have a fascinating, rich, and long-lasting history. The 1559 settlement attempts of Don Tristan de Luna y Arrellano put Pensacola on the map [...]

  • Two views of the Julee Cottage, historic Downtown Pensacola, Florida

The Saltbox on Zaragoza

February 16th, 2019|Comments Off on The Saltbox on Zaragoza

Many a mile I have walked, traversing the streets of historic Downtown Pensacola. Like an aficionado of fine art sauntering down exhibit aisles, curiosity piqued, eagerly anticipating the next great work to marvel, I gazed [...]

Pouring a Round of Pensacola’s Past

by John D. Melvin, II

Discover the little known secrets of America’s oldest city. Pensacola, Florida was a postbellum boomtown that offered the promise of prosperity to potential new-comers and long-time resident alike. Pouring a Round of Pensacola’s Past divulges the hidden past of a city steeped in history and local lore.

From German immigrants to backwoods country folk, Pensacolians were as diverse as they were prosperous, with a penchant for alcohol production and consumption. The money flowed freely in Pensacola, and so too did the booze. But behind this facade of industry and revelry lay secrets of historical significance, secrets waiting to be uncovered.

Illustrated with period photographs, maps, and sketches, this seminal investigation into Pensacola’s past will appeal to both the history aficionado and to the casual reader. If you are looking for an interesting and satisfying read, then you have found it.

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