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Engagement Ring Ideas For Your Personal Aesthetic

Everyone has their own personal aesthetic. Whether you enjoy the moody earth tones of Dark Academia or the floral lightness of Cottagecore, this article will help to give you ideas for an engagement ring that will reflect you!



Do all of your Instagram photos have a white background with a single plant or muted-color object as the subject? Are you drawn to gray and beige? Does Marie Kondo’s method of organization speak to your soul?

If so, then try a simple, minimalist engagement ring. Silvers, white golds, and platinum will compliment your personal color scheme. Try a smaller width band with diamonds set in around the band or a solitaire ring with a single gemstone.


Dark Academia

Dark Academia is one of the most popular current aesthetics. If this is your aesthetic, you enjoy classic literature, earth tones, and tweed. You enjoy a good mystery and would live in an old library of could.

Golds go best with the browns and earthy tones of your aesthetic. For the band, consider a shaped ring, such as the wishbone design; a wooden band to once again fit with the earth tones; or an engraved band because of your love for words and literature. If you want a completely out-of-the-box pick, look into coded acrostic rings, which use colored stones to create a hidden message.



If you prefer nature and simplicity; wearing long dresses and skirts in light pinks, greens, and yellows; or would love to move away from the hustle and bustle into a small cottage in a flower field, then Cottagecore is the aesthetic for you.

A softer, more simple design may draw your attention. Try rose golds, yellow golds, or even wooden bands, depending on how close to nature you want your ring to be. Similar to minimalist engagement rings, you may want to try a smaller band with diamonds or another gemstone in pastel color set in. Consider a shaped band such as an infinity band or a tension band. Search for rings or designs that represent nature or gemstones that are the colors of your favorite flowers.



Vintage can be referring to almost any decade before 2010, so depending on the specific decade you are drawn to, you could find different styles appealing.

Popular engagement styles that are often described as vintage include pavé and halo designs, both of which have become popular once again. Teardrop-shaped gemstones, specifically diamonds, are also appealing as is gold. Another design is the three-diamond design. This design can symbolically represent the past, present, and future, so it can entice your love of nostalgia while also represent the bright future that marriage can bring.


Your Zodiac Sign

If you want an even more personalized engagement ring, consider one designed for your zodiac sign. Have your birthstone instead of a diamond or fit in the colors that represent your sign.

Scorpios are passionate and intense, so rubies or black diamonds and gold may fit. Something bold. Libras are softer and romantic, so try rose gold and a unique, shaped band. Something elegant, yet charming. Consider the personality traits of your sign that represent you and incorporate those into the design as well.



Your engagement ring should represent you and your personal aesthetic. Find a ring that speaks to you!

Written By McKenzie Campbell