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    “The Legend of Coach-N-Four started…..”Deep in the Heart of TEXAS”.  Three generations of serving guests like family.  Coach-N-Four’s name came from the ole west stagecoach rumbling across the pioneer carrying travelers from coast to coast stopping along the way at “swing” stations that lasted about 10-15 minutes then “home” stations with good home cooking and overnight accommodations.  The pioneering concept of Coach-N-Four suits the entrepreneurial spirit of the first American, thus the name “Coach-N-Four”.

    The original Coach-N-Four started in Pensacola, September of 1979 with Joyce & Bill Compton.  The Legacy has been carried on by their daughter & son-in-law, Donna & Greg Guilford.  Donna and Greg bought the business in the early 1980s.  Donna learned from her Mom, who learned from her Mom, Esther, the importance of treating guests like family.  So come on in and relax, put your feet up and “take a load off”.  Momma’s in the house!

    In the early days, Gran (Esther) was behind the register taking the money and Donna was working the floor.  Greg was “hand-cutting” the beef and making the Coach-N-Four’s famous “Hook’em” sauce to reel in the customers.

    Donna was meeting & greeting the guests like family coming to her house.  She greeted them, sat them, served them, made their drinks and bussed the table when they left.  Whatever needed to be done, she did it.  Greg, making sure the kitchen ran as smooth as a well-oiled machine.

    Donna and Greg are always striving for the correct mix of Quality and Quantity with the tradition of serving “mouth-watering” steaks and fresh seafood for 3 1/2 decades.  Come on in and enjoy the Western atmosphere and family friendly restaurant.

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