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Gulf Coast Business Advocate

Pensacola, FL, 32501
Phone: 850-485-2241
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The GCBA is a podcast where start-ups, growing businesses, or established companies share what makes their enterprise unique. Find out why people love living and doing business on the Gulf Coast. Dedicated to promoting and growing Gulf Coast Businesses. Podcasts to promote business and learn what made Gulf Coast Business owners successful!

On the Gulf Coast Business Advocate, Jim talks with start-ups, growing businesses, and established companies to share what makes their enterprise unique. He also pulls back the curtain to reveal the tools and principles necessary for success, as well as expose the trials and tribulations that many entrepreneurs may face while building a business. Consider it a “think tank” for sharing the ideas and habits of the best business minds on the Gulf Coast.

Jim offers a fun and laid-back perspective to the crazy world of entrepreneurship while diving into the risky, peculiar, and bizarre stories that entrepreneurs endure. Remember, business is about making an impact not just an income and you can't make an impact if no one knows you exist.


"Jim Grant is a brilliant speaker and motivator. His natural humor combined with an acute business sense is the perfect combo for driving home a point and holding the attention of any audience. As a Regional Director for a major Telecom company, James conducted many national training seminars. As an audience member, I was continually impressed by his unique delivery and also witnessed the eye-opening reaction of other people in attendance. When Jim would speak you could almost hear people finally “getting it” for the first time. If you want someone who is direct and to the point and can also deliver a truly heartfelt message Jim Grant is your man!" - Jan J.

"Jim is a true entrepreneur! He has always had a creative mindset and the ability to never give up. Just talk to Jim for 5 minutes and you will see what a true visionary he is." - Bobby D.

"Jim is an amazing speaker and a great businessman. His laid-back and conversational style, combined with his no BS attitude, is something I truly appreciate. If you get a chance to see Jim live, I can guarantee the day will be enjoyable, powerful, and filled with great information." -Daniel V.

"Initially going into my meeting with Jim, I didn't know what to expect. As a small business owner, I have heard it all and did not want to sit through a 2-hour sales pitch. Jim's presentation was refreshing and full of value and ideas. He presented his services from TEL Staffing in a very informative way and he showed me how I could streamline my business and eliminate my busy work, allowing me to focus on the more important things to run my business. Thanks Jim, I will highly recommend you to everyone I know." -Ed M.

"I completely enjoyed getting to know Jim and listening to him as a presenter. The entire day was filled with suggestions and brilliant insight. Accountability and responsibility is key for a small business owner. Jim presented in a simple and effective way and made me realize how much value him and his services can bring. Thank you Jim. -Erika L.



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Pensacola, FL 32501
Phone: 850-485-2241
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