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Polonza Bistro

286 N. Palafox Street
Pensacola, Florida, 32502
Website: https://polonza.com/
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Polonza Bistro is a new restaurant in downtown Pensacola. It is geared toward the 'downtown crowd', serving breakfast and lunch, Monday through Friday.  The Bistro is a collaborative effort of siblings Judy Ring and Mark Webb. The Webb family has been in the Pensacola area since the mid-19th century. Being long-time residents of Pensacola, Judy and Mark wanted to highlight the ambiance and dynamic of this historic city.
In their research, they learned that the earliest Spanish explorers called Pensacola Bay “Polonza.” This immediately became the name of the restaurant, grounding it in the first European explorations in Northwest Florida. The Spanish governed Pensacola first, but several other countries also ruled at various times. The French established a government over Pensacola for a brief period of time. In addition, the British and Confederate flags have flown as the standard for the respective ruling governors of the area. The fifth flag is, of course, the USA's stars and stripes.
This diverse background is the inspiration for many of the menu items. Polonza Bistro aspires to provide its diners with choices that reflect the people and cultures who have settled and built this city. By using fresh ingredients and preparing them properly, the Bistro offers its patrons great food at great prices.
The coffee bar is the focal point of the restaurant. Freshly roasted beans, ground to order for each pot of coffee and prepared by trained baristas, ensures a premium cup of coffee. Specialty coffees, smoothies, shakes, granitas, and hot chocolate are the basis for the diverse drink menu. Tea, sodas, wine, and beer are also on the menu.
Soups and sandwiches, house-made breads, seafood, barbecue, and other regional specialties are offered daily. Breakfast choices include all the standard favorites: grits, eggs, home fries, bacon, house-baked ham, sausage, pancakes, and biscuits, as well as a few 'extra' options. One specialty item is a corned beef hash, made with beef brisket that has been corned and brined in-house for a fresh, bright flavor.
The Side Door at Polonza provides customers with a take-out option, as well. Fresh pastries and quick breakfast items are available for pick-up every morning. Most soups, sandwiches, and entrees can also be ordered and taken 'to-go'. The Side Door is on Wright Street and the take-out counter makes this a convenient stop. Come in and enjoy friendly full-service breakfast and lunch, or use the Side Door take-out menu. Either choice will offer you excellent food at a great price.



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286 N. Palafox Street
Pensacola, Florida 32502
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