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Beach Weddings Guide

Beach Weddings DIY

Pensacola, Florida–home of some of the purest, whitest beaches you’ll ever see, and the perfect place to host your dream beach wedding.

Until you see the price tag.

Weddings of any kind are incredibly expensive, there’s no denying that. Which is why many people take a more creative route when it comes to some of the smaller wedding details. It’s quite easy to save money if you decide to do some things yourself, such as centerpieces, wedding favors, and the like.

The DIY community is rampant with creative ideas for wedding DIY’s. In fact, it can be hard to sort through them all. So, here at, we’ve taken the liberty of choosing some beautiful beach wedding DIY’s to get you started, and help you along the path to your perfect, one-of-a-kind beach wedding. Below you’ll find videos on everything from beachy centerpieces, simple wedding favors, and the perfect beach wedding makeup, to starfish wedding invitations, seashell bouquets, and a flawless beach wedding cake.

Beach Wedding Centerpiece that you can make with Dollar Tree items.

Make Beach-Themed Wedding Invitations using watermarks on watercolors.

Gorgeous Beach Wedding Decoration Ideas. Great ideas for DIY wedding decorations.

DIY Beach Wedding Favor Ideas

Learn to make your own favors for your wedding guests or wedding party.

How To Create Beach Wedding Makeup

Learn makeup tips and techniques for your wedding day.

DIY Tall Sea Inspired Wedding Centerpiece

Do you need a tall centerpiece for your wedding? This DIY video will show you how to make a tall DIY centerpiece for your wedding.

Beach Wedding Invitation With Starfish Belly Band

Easy DIY invitation for a beach-themed wedding.

Dollar Tree Seashell Bouquet Tutorial

Beautiful beach inspired seashell bouquet that you can make yourself.

Easy DIY Brooch Bouquet

Old jewelry can make a beautiful brooch bouquet. It can be a beautiful memory when you use old jewelry from loved ones.

Beach Wedding Sandal DIY

Decorated sandals for walking down a sand isle for your beach wedding.

DIY Wedding Cake Stand

Beautiful cake elegant cake stand made with inexpensive materials. This cake stand has elegant bling.

How To Make An Open Clam Cake Topper For A Wedding Cake

Make seashells from molds to make this beautiful wedding cake topper.

Vintage Beach Wood Wedding Cake

This wedding cake is not for the beginning decorators unless you like a little bit of a challenge.

Beach Wedding Cake Toppers

Interesting beach themed cake toppers for your wedding.

Beach Casual Wedding Hairstyles

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