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Scuba Diving Guide

With Pensacola being home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, it is only natural that the underwater scenery would be beautiful as well! When one is scuba diving under the water and exploring the fascinating life through an aquatic lens, the whole world simply becomes much more magical. The life that thrives underneath the surface of our oceans is something mystical that most never seem to get a chance to experience themselves. So, for those of you interesting in exploring the underwater world more in depth and up close, we have compiled a few videos and articles right here to get you started on your new adventures!

Scuba diving is the best way to get you into the water and on your way in a new form of exploration! Pensacola is home to many dive sites where anyone can scuba down and adventure toward the variety of shipwrecks, submerged oil rigs, or artificial reefs that are only a few miles offshore from our stunning beaches. One of the most well-known dive sites in the scuba diving community that resides only 22 miles off the coast of Pensacola is the USS Oriskany. This Aircraft carrier that is a veteran of two different wars was purposely sunk to form a new artificial reef in the Pensacola Bay area. Since then, it has become a must-see location for all scuba divers in the world, and if you’re just now trying to get into scuba diving exploration, the Oriskany is an amazing place to get started.

Of course, before you get started on your goal of becoming an explorer of the undersea world, you are going to need to know how to properly use your scuba equipment. We highly recommend taking a look at all of the videos we have linked down below before you equip your oxygen mask and dive on in.

Although if scuba diving a couple of hundred feet underneath the ocean to explore human technology that has sunken down below to be slowly consumed by the passage of time is a bit too extreme for your tastes, snorkeling may be more your style. Submechanophobia (the fear of submerged man-made objects) is a real thing, and if you believe that you have been afflicted with this phobia and your dream of exploring the ocean has been thwarted before it even began, don’t fret! Snorkeling is a much more relaxing way to explore life under the sea without having to face your fear. Many snorkeling sights exist only a few hundred feet off the coast of Pensacola beach with two sights being home to artificial reefs that attract a variety of undersea life!

Whether you scuba, snorkel, or just enjoy the videos linked down below, the ocean is thriving with beautiful scenery and amazing life that make the ocean a magical place to explore.

Pensacola Florida Scuva Diving Guide, Scuba Diver With Turtle

Scuba Diving, Snorkeling & Shipwrecks

There is something so fascinating about underwater life. The way the water filters everything with an aqua lens, it makes the whole world seem so magical. If you’re interested in exploring that world a little further, we’ve compiled a few videos here just for that reason. Some videos have information on everything that you need to know about scuba diving if that’s your thing. For those looking to stick a little closer to the surface, check out the videos we’ve found on snorkeling. And for those simply interested in looking, not exploring, there are some great videos showing shipwrecks from an up-close, underwater perspective. All for your viewing pleasure.

Pensacola Florida Scuva Diving Guide, Scuba Diver With Turtle

Scuba Diving Videos

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