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Hurricane and Storm Preparedness in Pensacola Florida

Hurricane and Storm Preparedness

Emergency Preparations


During the latter half of the year, we Floridians have grown accustomed to the perpetual threat of hurricanes that plagues us from Jun 1st to November 30th; Hurricane Season has led to much destruction and death, and the next set of hurricanes will be coming around before we even realize it. It is important that everyone takes the necessary steps to ensure their safety during the times of these natural disasters and to do so, one must first understand what they need to be keeping an eye on.


What is a Hurricane Watch?

If a hurricane has a chance of occurring near you, a hurricane watch will be issued in your area 48 hours beforehand. However, a Hurricane Watch doesn’t necessarily mean that there will be a hurricane, the watch just shows that the requirements for a hurricane to form are possible and that the appropriate officials will be keeping a close eye on the anticipated tropical force winds as they continue to move forward. This is the time when everyone should be taking the appropriate actions to prepare. Although a hurricane may not form, there is still a chance it will, and being caught in the middle of a hurricane ill-prepared is not something that you want to happen. Be safe and keep an eye out for an official hurricane warning.


What is a Hurricane Warning?

If an official hurricane warning is announced, this means that a hurricane is on its way and you need to begin your emergency preparations. The warning is issued 36 hours in advance and you don’t want to wait to get started on your preparations. Once a hurricane warning is issued, it becomes much more difficult to safely and cheaply get any resources you’ll need to fortify yourself during the storm; this warning is for your safety, and it is vital for the sake of your own well-being that you take it seriously.


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