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Let’s Go On A Trip (Your 3-Day Weekend Planner)

You’ve decided going on a trip is just what you need to unwind and reset a little. Pensacola vacations are perfect for exactly that: rest and relaxation. Our city is home to countless historical sites and fun locales ideal for your 3-day weekend trip.

Everyone is unique, and everyone’s vacation checklist is unique, too. This article will help you plan your trip to Pensacola whether you’re traveling alone, vacationing with your significant other, or bringing your whole family along for the fun.


Pensacola Vacations for Singles

  • Friday – Fishing can be fun and relaxing. You’re alone with your memories and reflections, and you’re able to unwind and think about life. Fishing at the Pensacola Beach Fishing Pier might be the best way to unwind after starting your vacation. Admission costs only $7.50 per person, and fishing rods are available for rent, so you can experience the wonderful solitude of fishing without worrying about your own equipment.
  • Saturday – The Pensacola Historic District, otherwise known as the Seville Historic District, offers midday tours on Saturdays. Joining one of these tours provides you great insight into Pensacola’s history and development across multiple generations, and you’ll finish early enough to visit one of Downtown Pensacola’s many restaurants!
  • Sunday – Palafox Street houses many cafes and boutiques any vacationer would enjoy. Palafox Street is one of the most walkable Pensacola locations, so spending your final vacation day shopping, grazing, and people watching along this street might be the coziest way a solo traveler could unwind.


Pensacola Vacations for Couples

  • Friday – What better way to share culture with your significant other than attending a play? The Pensacola Little Theater schedules performances ranging from Broadway plays to Shakespeare. Enjoying art and the finer things in life is the ideal way to being your vacation with your loved one.
  • Saturday – Your next stop will be the Pensacola Museum of Art. Open from 10 AM to 4 PM on Saturdays, this museum provides you and your loved one the perfect place to lose yourselves in a romantic afternoon.
  • Sunday – Brunch has cemented itself as a seaside staple, and Pensacola restaurants famous for their brunches are many. We recommend beginning your Sunday with your significant other with brunch at the Atlas Oyster House. After enjoying a wonderful meal, you and your significant other can head right over to the beach and close out your vacation with romantic beachside leisure.


Pensacola Vacations for Families

  • Friday – Few better family activities exist than going out to a ball game. Pensacola’s very own Minor League Baseball team, the Pensacola Blue Wahoos, play home games certain weeks of the month and schedule some games on Fridays. Beginning your vacation watching live baseball and enjoying the crowd will give your whole family new memories to cherish.
  • Saturday – Pensacola is the proud home of the National Naval Aviation Museum. Open on Saturdays from 10 AM to 4 PM, this expansive museum includes historical exhibits fun for adults and children both. If you schedule a tour, you and your family will be treated to the history—complete with war stories—behind many of our nation’s planes. Hearing about planes is one thing, but seeing them up close is another!
  • Sunday – Concluding your family vacation with fun in the sun is the best way to go, and Pensacola Quietwater Beach is perfect for families with small children. At Quietwater, you and your children can enjoy the ocean without worrying about waves or rip currents. There are even lifeguards. Nothing’s better than good, safe family fun.


We hope these ideas and recommendations help you plan your Pensacola vacation. Whatever you’re looking for in a vacation, Pensacola has you covered!

Written By Garrett Gerona