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Open Bridges. Open Opportunities: Now Hiring in Pensacola

Now that the Pensacola Bay bridge is open and locals and tourists head to Pensacola Beach, life seems to be getting back to normal.  The nation is slowly recovering from the COVID pandemic and so is Pensacola. The landscape has changed – literally and economically. The changes may have forced you to adapt to a new way of living and may have forced you to learn skills you didn’t know you were capable of. That’s a good thing. Why? Pensacola is hiring.

Pensacola’s primary industries are in the medical, food service, and retail professions. The transportation industry, which includes Uber and Lyft, is also growing. The nation has been challenged with putting people back to work, especially in the hospitality and retail industries. Due to COVID, employees were laid off or they stayed home to protect their health. Today, jobs need to be filled. You just need to decide what you want today to get you where you need to be tomorrow. Are you needing fast cash? Need to find a job quickly and easily? Are you needing to be strategic and just need a stepping stone to the next position? Did you take courses through the quarantine and are ready to commit to a long-term career – with benefits? Maybe you are just ready for a change in careers. Once you’ve done your research – on yourself and your needs – put your best foot forward, be prepared, smile, and apply.

Pensacola has listings on staffing agency websites, hospital employment pages, and job boards such as Simply Hired, Indeed and Zip Recruiter. Staffing agencies post an array of job openings and are good resources for administrative, technical, and labor type positions. Job boards list everything about the job; it also gives you an idea of the industry that is actively looking to fill positions.  Here’s a quick rundown of who’s hiring.



Look on hospital websites to find out where to apply. Job positions are also listed on job boards. Pensacola has ample medical facilities, so if hospitals might seem a little overwhelming, apply for positions in smaller medical offices. Many medical offices are affiliated with the hospitals, so job openings may be listed there.

  • Baptist Hospital – nursing, radiology, food service, facility/environmental health
  • West Florida Hospital – nursing, clinical techs, radiographers
  • Ascension Sacred Heart – nursing staff including CNA, medical assistants, medical office assistants, medical technicians



Below are a few listings from Simply Hired. If there’s another restaurant you have in mind and you’re already dining in, it never hurts to ask the staff or manager if the restaurant is hiring! Otherwise, drop in mid-afternoon or other non-peak times and ask to speak to the manager about open positions.

  • McGuire’s – Kitchen Staff
  • Sonny’s BBQ -Hostess
  • Ruby Slipper Restaurant Group
  • Flora Bama Mgt. LLC – Line Cooks
  • Flounders Chowder House – Food Runner


Customer Service (Retail)

Retail and restaurants are sometimes similar in that you will get a quick response if you ask a manager about open positions. They’ll either enthusiastically tell you, “yes, we’re hiring – go to the website and apply,” or they will tell you “no, and please continue to be patron.”

  • Big Box Retail (TJMaxx, Marshalls. Sam’s)
  • CarMax
  • Circle K
  • David’s Bridal
  • FedEX
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Home Depot
  • Lowes
  • Spikes Printing
  • Walgreens


Customer Service Representative Positions (Technical)

  • Navy Federal Credit Union
  • Conduent
  • Southeastern Freight Lines
  • Advance America
  • Lee Heating and Cooling

Written By Irene Regaspi