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Discover Why A Continental Fare Restaurants Are So Special

Having a specialized menu that covers all sorts of cuisine is a fantastic experience.

O’Brien’s Bistro is always cultivating and creating new recipes, flavors, and experiences. Having chiefs that have worked in London for years, they have perfected their talents and have learned how to make food worldwide. From their new bar to their expert wine list, O’Brien’s has been hard at work to bring something special to the table. This energy takes their menu to all sorts of tasty and thrilling places. This exceptional taste is why they are excited to highlight their continental menu. They are ready to show you how their food dazzles.


What Is A Continental Menu?

A continental menu is when the food served on the menu is from different continents on the planet. One or two dishes from each continent, handcrafted to express different delicious dishes to dazzle the taste buds. There are dishes from America, Asia, Europe, etc. It also can be country-specific, with dishes showcasing specifically French, Chinese, and Italian cuisine. This gives the menu the ability to curate a better, more cosmopolitan menu. The goal is to bring more options for the customers to be able to consume staple dishes from around the globe.


What Does O’Brien’s Bistro Bring To The Table?

O’Brien’s has a great tapestry of options to pick from. If you start your day with brunch, there are the iconic Belgian Waffles that bring the senses to the streets of Belgium. If you want some really tasty appetizers, to begin with, the Pesto Escargot is inspired by France, and the Yellow Fin Tuna Roll coming from Japan are wonderful starting dishes. Both offer a way to bring customers across the world. For Lunch, there is the scrumptious Mediterranean Chicken Sandwich, which has vibrant Greek flavors. There is also the Chicken Piccata deriving its brilliance from Italy but served in Pensacola, Florida. And finally, for dinner, there is Caribbean Jerked Mahi Mahi and, both bringing joy from the Islands and the Southern US, respectively.


Why Is This So Special?

This is so wonderful because these foods bring different cultures and traditions to your taste buds and your soul. If you cannot afford to travel to Italy but want to have a taste of it, then try the Gnocchi Mac – Mushroom Sherry so that your soul and travel, even if it is just for a moment. O’Brien’s Bistro wants to bring the world to your table. They do this so that some part of you can experience the world, even if you cannot physically move across the oceans.


Written By Jack Hindle
Jack Hindle is an amazing writer with a vision that's out of this world!
Author's Website: https://www.jackhindle.com