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Music That Inspires And Showcases Our City

One of the greatest things I have loved about Pensacola, Florida is the variety of musicians that come through our little big town.  I’ve lived many places but for a town whose population is around 55K people, we have some of the best and most talented musicians you will find anywhere.  It is not unusual to find live music playing every night in some restaurant in Pensacola, Florida. Pensacola Bay Center does a great job of bringing the biggest names in music to our city from Elton John to the Newsboys.

Live Music and Nightlife

If you are thinking about moving to a city where opportunities are high and talent is much appreciated, then Pensacola is your destination.  We love great music here.  Songwriters, indie artists, jazz musicians, and folk style music are some of our favorites and certainly most captivating after a long week.  So gather with all of us on any Friday night, somewhere in Pensacola, and you will find a favorite song, a new favorite lyric, or a song that just makes you feel better than you did before you heard it.

Isn’t it funny how music knows no barriers, brings strangers together, and unites people who have differences in one room with as little as one guitar and a great song.  That’s what I love about music.  It calms the soul, stills the aching heart, binds up wounds and creates new relationships over a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, or a burger and fries.  I hope that if you read this blog post, you will think and listen to a song that makes life feel just a little bit better, and that you will find some local restaurant, bar, or concert to listen to in our great city.

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