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Pensacola Lighthouse Guide

The Pensacola Lighthouse: Your Next Hometown Adventure

Every year, Pensacola sees new faces joining our community from military families to college students to long-time vacationers turned residents. Many who visit the area often wonder what it would be like to live in Pensacola. Is it countless trips to the beach and volleyball tournaments? Is it wrestling alligators while working on your golf swing?

Rest assured there is more to explore than just working on your tan line.

If you’re looking forward to a big move to the City of Five Flags or you’re planning a trip through Northwest Florida, there’s a view you’ve just got to see.

Are You Brave Enough to Climb to the Top?

Did you know the Pensacola Lighthouse is a Hexadecagon? The tower is 16 sided at the lens and watch room. Did you also know that 6 of the 16 sides on the northward side are blacked out with large sheets of metal? Hmm? Why would they be blacked out? Climb the 177 steps of the tallest lighthouse on the gulf coast today and find out why.

The most historic view on the Emerald Coast is atop the Pensacola Lighthouse. Nestled on Pensacola Bay at the Pensacola Naval Air Station and built in 1859, this 177-step climb offers a breathtaking view to anyone brave enough to make it to the top. Leave your flipflops in the car and pack your favorite walking shoes; tour guides prohibit loose footwear and recommend wearing your sneakers to make the climb for safety (and comfort).

The rod iron spiral staircase can be daunting for some, but an exciting challenge for those wanting to cross something off their bucket list. You can actually explore the original keeper’s quarters within the lighthouse before making the journey up.

Visit the Museum

Heights, not your thing? The Pensacola Lighthouse and Museum is a favorite destination for locals and visitors to the area, with options that delight repeat attendees and newcomers alike.

The Richard C. Callaway Museum is located inside the restored keeper’s quarters. Dive into the local history with exhibits covering Civil War History, the history of the first lighthouse, local archaeology, and more.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Pensacola Lighthouse stands at 151 feet. The lighthouse underwent a 2.5-million-dollar restoration receiving recognition from the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation. Visitors to the lighthouse and museum remark their trip to the top was worth the climb but seeing the iconic structure in person is an unforgettable memory for families.

And of course, you can’t forget about the gift shop!

The museum also hosts different seasonal events and tours after-hours. You can even have your wedding here if you’re looking for a unique location.

Get Your Spook On

In 2009, the TAPS team from the SyFy Channel’s Ghost Hunters gave the lighthouse some much need star-treatment. Rumors of the Pensacola Lighthouse being haunted has circulated through the local history for years. The TAPS team and several psychics who have visited the haunted lighthouse agree on one thing: there is something or someone hanging out around the tower.

Grab your ghost hunting gear and come on a Ghost Tour to find your own compelling evidence of the paranormal. This is a tour for the grown-ups, and guests must be 12 years or older to get answers about the ghosts in the Pensacola Lighthouse.

For a family-friendly outing, the lighthouse hosts limited viewing of the world-famous Blue Angels stretching their wings for practice routines.

To book a tour or get more information to visit this Pensacola landmark, visit

Pensacola Florida Lighthouse Guide, Lighthouse

Pensacola Florida Lighthouse Guide, Lighthouse

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