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Seafood Recipes Guide

Living in a beach town means having prime access to some of the best seafood around. Any day of the week you can go right on down to Joe Patti’s Seafood Market, or whatever your favorite local place may be, and pick up some fresh fish to cook up at home. With so many options, though, comes major indecision.

But, never fear! Gordon Ramsay (and some other people) are always here! Thanks to the internet.

Just below you’ll find some of the best seafood recipes around, along with instructions from some of the best like Gordon Ramsay, Julia Child, and Justin Wilson. Seafood newbie? Don’t worry, we’ve chosen videos that show how to clean, fillet, weigh, and everything else you need to know. Fresh fish connoisseur? We’ve got videos for you too, featuring some more advanced recipes like herb-crusted fish, lobster, and bouillabaisse. Before you know it, the student (you) will surpass the master…chef.

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