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Written By Jordan Thames
Categories: Family
Find your perfect Thanksgiving meal at a local Pensacola restaurant! With Thanksgiving less than a week away, everyone seems to be finalizing their plans for this festive, food-oriented holiday, including some of our local restaurants! So for those of you who have yet to decide what table you’ll be gathering around this year, don’t fret. There are plenty of local options where you will be able to dive into a tasty Thanksgiving meal. Take a look at some of the options listed below, you’re sure to find a choice that will make the whole family happy.   Five Sisters Blues…
Written By Kathlene Rushing
I like this picture of Benny and me, even though it’s not really of us, but of our shadows. Any viewer knows that a person and a dog stood in this grassy area at a time when the sun was low and that someone took a picture of the shadows and not the person or the dog. These shadows reach far into the yard, much farther than I could stretch my arms or legs. I now see this photo as a metaphor for the reach our lives have on others, even if we’re not physically in the picture. Anyone who…
Written By Kathlene Rushing
House on Lot 23 The history of Pensacola is rich and enduring, indeed. Known as the “City of Five Flags,” Pensacola has been under the control of five nations since its inception in 1559–Spain, France, England, the Confederacy, and the United States. Consequently, various architectural influences are evident in much of Pensacola’s historic architecture. During the Third Spanish Period (1781-1821), the Isaac Wright House–a modest cottage that has long piqued my interest–was constructed at what is now 431 E. Zaragoza St. in historic downtown Pensacola. This quaint cottage, as one might expect from a structure initially built approximately 200 years…
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Categories: Music
One of the greatest things I have loved about Pensacola, Florida is the variety of musicians that come through our little big town.  I’ve lived many places but for a town whose population is around 55K people, we have some of the best and most talented musicians you will find anywhere.  It is not unusual to find live music playing every night in some restaurant in Pensacola, Florida. Pensacola Bay Center does a great job of bringing the biggest names in music to our city from Elton John to the Newsboys. Live Music and Nightlife If you are thinking about…